The Cornhusker, the Book of the Upper Classes of the University of Nebraska

Volume 1, 1907

My grandfather graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1908. This annual will be of interest to those looking up their family members who attended during this time. I found many humorous and puzzling items: odd football scores, all-to-true comparison of Phi Beta Kappa members to football players, surprisingly high percentage of women in the liberal arts college (out number men 2 to 1), etc.

There is no copyright evident on this book and I'm assuming it's okay to put on the web. I have put a watermark on the images just for identifying me as the source of these images.

The front cover is grey and red seude with the letters "THE 1907" and "U of N" and the image of a corn stalk embossed. By the book's numbering system, the cover is page 1.

Page 1 Front Cover

Page 5 Advertisements: Farmers and Merchants Insurance Co, Farmers and Merchants Bank

Page 8 Photo of School

Page 9 Title Page

Page 10 Dedication Photo: Charles Edwin Bessey

Page 11 Dedication Text: Foremost Botanist of the World

Page 12 Board of Editors

Page 13 Acknowledgements: Artists and Literateurs whom the regular board of editors wishes to acknowledge it indebtedness...

Page 14 Drawing for College of Literature, Science and Arts

Page 15 Introduction for College of LSA: Ellery W. Davis

Page 16 Introduction for College of LSA: continued

Page 17 Class of 1907: Alice Wilson Agee, Annie Luella Agee, Gratia Ames, Helen Wilson Anderson, Anna Margaret Andra, Eleanor Roberta Andrews

Page 18 Class of 1907: Albert William Aron, Jessie Dora Barton, James Edmund Bednar, Nelson August Bengston, Sadie Bernstein, Mary Ellen Billing

Page 19 Class of 1907: Abner Blue, Elta June Boose, Mary Bowlby, Louise Kingsley Brace, Imogene Brewster, Flora May Briggs

Four hundred more pages to go! I'm honing the process which currently is:

  1. Scan at 1200 dpi.
  2. Rotate to horizontal (I'm doing this by eye, so errors of 1 degree will be common).
  3. Add watermark.
  4. Reduce to 72 dpi.

I'm thinking of buying a digital camera to capture the images since laying the book flat on the scanner seems to be damaging the binding. Also, I want to get some OCR software to place the whole book in a PDF file with searchable text.

Rex - March 7, 2002