About Rex Reges

If you do a "whois" on reges.org, you'll see that Rex Reges is the owner. For decades I've had people ask me if I was aware that rex is Latin for king and reges is the plural of rex. Having had the name since birth, I don't find it unusual, although I do agree that it sounds more like a movie star's name than the name of an engineer. Unfortunately, my name hasn't procured any high paying acting jobs for me.

There is a Christian rock group calling themselves "Rex Reges". So far, there haven't been any side effects of this development: no recording studios trying to sign me up by mistake and no churches calling me for a booking. Indeed, my reputation may have more affect on this rock group than vice-versa!

The Reges Research Institute is my latest venture, having given up on the Reges Corporation which was to develop game software. The focus of Reges Research Institute will be in non-competitive areas of software R&D as well as any scientific inquiries that interest me. Funding will be miniscule unless I can obtain grants from deep pockets like the Government.

My Myers-Briggs personality type is an ENTP, the Inventor. I am energized by finding new and betters ways of doing things. Sadly, my day job at a large corporation is not inspiring. As I like to say, "Epimetheus reigns." My hope is that the Reges Research Institute will allow me to invent or at least be able to fund other ENTPs who want to invent.


E-mail address: rex@reges.org